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I've only recently purchased this one from a fellow UKPinball member. More information and images to come soon (along with the usual teardown gallery!), but I wanted to start a log for this one straight away.



Blue bulbs

Nothing much, really:


See this page for the full gallery of images taken: WhiteWater pinball machine teardown gallery.


As you might have noticed from the teardown gallery, there is a wear spot outside the lost mine kickout (very common, apparently). I covered this using one of the playfield overlays from Classic Arcades.

There were some unnecessary posts screwed into the mini-playfield which I wanted to removed. This of course left me with some horrible looking screw holes, so I decided to use this as an opportunity to try making my own overlays.

Holes & Overlays
Overlays applied

This process was surprisingly easy, although very time consuming. The screwholes were trimmed with a sharp knife to remove any splintered wood, and sanded flush with the playfield surface. The holes were then filled with Milliput and then sanded smooth with wet/dry sandpaper.

The overlays were created using Paint.Net, by hand filling areas in a scanned image of the playfield, using other photos as a reference. Colours were matched by printing a swatch sheet. The overlays were printed on glossy photo paper, which I then removed the backing from to make it a bit thinner.

Although unlikely to be of use to anyone else, I have uploaded the three overlays I made. These are the files as I printed them. Overlay 1 Overlay 2 Overlay 3


The obligatory 'someone having a rubbish game' video (me, in this case): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzDFIPFd0ys


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