Superfish Aqua-40 CF T5 light retrofit

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The Superfish Aqua-40 is a commonly available tank in the UK. However, to maintain a reef in this tank it needs a bit more oomph on the lighting side of things.


The stock lighting

The stock lighting is (unconfirmed) an 11W flourescent tube. Here we are going to be replacing this with dual 18W T5 compact flourescents, to give a total of 36W. This should be adequate to keep some soft corals at least.


The easy bit - strip out the old lighting system. 4 screws on the condensation shield and a further 4 holding the reflector into the hood.


First, flatten the stock reflector, it will then be re-bent to accommodate the wider and additional tube, while still fitting the original screw holes. After the reflector has been bent as pictured, attach the new tube sockets and support clips.


Refit the modified reflector into the hood, install the new tubes, and power it up! Depending on your ballast you'll have a certain number of cables to route, but these can be passed through the existing rubber grommet.


The upgraded lights certainly put out a lot more light than the stock units. A by-product of this is heat, and should you find that they are heating the tank contents, you will need to install some form of cooling. Installation of a fan in the pictured location has the effect of drawing air in from the vents at the back of the hood, across the water surface (between the surface and the lights), into the light compartment and out via the holes drilled in the sides and the vents on the top.

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