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This is my dumping ground for various information which may be useful. If you have any questions please contact me - details on the about page.


G.A.R.E.V. - The Global Access Remote Exploration Vehicle.

MAME Cabinet - My attempt at a MAME cabinet project, still in progress of course.

ThermD Stats - a small PHP project to report on data collected by ThermD.


Using the Hitachi LMG7422PLFF LCD

MPU4 service manual

Installing IPCop on POD-9578 board

Superfish Aqua-40 CF T5 light retrofit


This section awaiting an update as all the machines below are now gone! Currently (2017) I have the following pinball machines: The Simpsons Pinball Party, Indiana Jones (1993), Hook.

Twilight Zone pinball machine (sold)

Jurassic Park pinball machine (sold)

WhiteWater pinball machine (sold)

Red Hot Fever fruit machine (sold)

BG Video Cosmic Wars cocktail cabinet (scrapped - saved PCB)

Barcrest 'Brain Waves' MPU5 fruit machine (scrapped - saved some electronic spares)

Data East HV rebuild

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