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I obtained this cabinet in a non-working state, and am currently working to repair the board and restore the cabinet to it's former glory. I have never heard of the game 'Cosmic Wars' before and am currently unable to play it as the board has faults.

Condition when received

The gallery below is a few pictures I took when I got the cabinet, although I had already cleaned the thick layer of "black" from the monitor and removed the board at this point. The cabinet looks to be good structurally, but generally everything is completely filthy. Some smoke was also set free whilst adjusting the monitor, sounded like a capacitor but have not had the monitor related parts out for inspection yet.

The board appears to be a bootleg Galaxian board (RGVAC thread), but is currently reporting 'BAD RAM 1'. Parts are on the way to replace the 2114 RAMs at 7P and 7N. Hopefully that will get it running then i'll work on the cabinet.


I have started dismantling the cabinet ready to go off to someone I know who is more confident dealing with highly corroded monitors and boards than I am! Hopefully he'll be able to fix it up and return ready for me to restore the cabinet.


If anyone has any information on BG Video or their machines, please let me know. I realise the game is on the MAME wanted dumps list but I am not as yet equipped to dump EEPROMs so cannot provide it.

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